Google AdWords Training in Lucknow

Best Google Adwords training in Lucknow

Google AdWords Training in Lucknow

Are you willing to be a specialist of Google AdWords of PPC or an expert in Search engine Marketing? Our Institute is an ideal institute where you can achieve your dream with the help of our Digital marketing institute inexperienced teacher guideline Google AdWords training in Lucknow?

Nowadays, people are increasing in online internet marketing to grow their business in local search or worldwide.

Due to having a great response on search engines, small or large business people need is to hire an expert who is a specialist and expert to advertise their business and make it visible on Search engine optimization.

About our Institute

Our Institute Google Adwords training in Lucknow provides an expert trainer to our student who has more than 6-year experience and spends more time in digital marketing and does research about new updates on how to increase your business in Digital Marketing.

Our trainer is an expert on teaching students PPC. Many of the students are working and giving services to digital marketing and making companies grow in online marketing and advertising in digital marketing.

We are one of the leading Digital training institutes in Uttar Pradesh. We offer job training programs to get placement in digital marketing and make your future bright in the Advertising field in the Digital market.

Our Institute had a great placement in the business field of Digital marketing on the Internet for students who successfully passed an Adword exam conducted by Google.

When you are successful in completing the Google AdWords exam, which Google will conduct, you will be certified, which help you to increase your carrier in Digital Marketing.

Our Digital marketing trainer trained you and built confidence that you can quickly get a suitable job in the industry.

Our Institute will teach you how to generate leads for a company or industry and bring them to the top-level to increase their business and get a positive response or return on investment for your company.

Our Institute also provides Google AdWords training in Chandigarh.

Short Note About PPC

PPC – Pay per click is an advertising function conducted by Google Adwords where the advertiser advertises his product, business, services, etc. The user clicks on Add, and then the advertiser has to pay for that click to Google Adword.

Google Adword is a platform on Digital Market where Advertiser pays for their ads to Google Adwords to promote their ads on a Search engine and make it visible on the first-page result on search engine.

PPC is also called CPC cost per click. It is all conducted by the Google Adword market was advertisers get a relevant visitor on their site and grow their business on online Digital Marketing.

In a simple word for understanding, Advertisements that you see on the first-page result while searching any website on the Internet are PPC or CPC, which Google Adword publishes.

Why should you learn About PPC?

PPC pay per click is a most valuable place to make a future carrier in Digital Marketing and increase your business growth.

Being an expert in PPC gives you a huge opportunity to increase your business, company product, services, etc., growth in Digital Marketing.

The Internet is the most relevant and popular place for displaying ads. That’s why most experts are growing their dream in Digital marketing and making their dream for working for themselves or giving their services for the company, business, and industry, etc.

PPC expert is growing their demand in the digital market and today small and large businessman need is to hire a PPC or SEM expert to increase their growth and value in Digital Marketing.

Recommended courses that you learn in our Institute- Google Adwords training in Lucknow

Module-1 SEO(Search engine optimization)

What is Basic and Advanced SEO?

About SEM(Search engine marketing )?

How to get benefits from paid ads and How to manage them?

Account setup, Types of campaigns, and campaigns management.

How to research keywords?

How does PPC work, Metric, and Formulas?

Module-2 Search Network

Keyword Match Types.

What is the Bidding Strategy?

How Does Campaign Structure work?

What is CPC (Cost per click)?

What are CPC, CPM, and CPA, and bidding modules?

How to Show Ads Extension and Formats?

How to Manage Bid, Reporting, and their interest?

Module-3 Display Network

About Google Adsense and How it Work?

About Ad format and their types?

How to target country-wise audience and their interest?

How to run campaigns on-page display network?

Module-4 Video advertising

How to create a youtube channel?

How to optimize video for search results?

Types of Ad format and how to create Ad?

How to Display local Ad on youtube channel?

About video editing and how to be aware of copyright content?

How to Measure performance and optimization?

How to get monetize by Google Adsense?

Module -5 Miscellaneous

How to integrate by webmaster tool and How Google Adword Analytic Work?

How to optimize the landing page?

What are A/B Testing and multi vibrate testing, and How it Work?

How to use Adwords editor, Semrush, and other software?

Module-6 Live project

Work on a live project to built confidence.

About account set up and Campaigns creation?

Various types of case study examples.

Be prepared for the Google certification exam.

Short note About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a product of Google where it Measures all databases about the visitor and from where the visitor is coming on the website or channel.

It also analyses traffic source that makes you understand that your traffic is organic or from other web page sources or social media, etc.

Google Analytics also looks After your Website behaviour and makes it easy to understand relevant traffic from SEO (Search engine optimization).

Short Note About Type of SEO

Black Hat SEO-Black Hat SEO is the Process where the website owner brings a visitor from an irrelevant method like a paid promotion or invalid click etc.

Black Hat SEO look after that content when sometimes website are disapproved by the search engine and some case not tolerated and are penalized and lose their ranking or completely removed by the search engine result.

White Hat SEO-White Hat SEO result is long-lasting and centred on creating better content, serving and building a border base used to the relevant site performance, and ranking high on search engines.

Grey hat SEO-Normally is the middle bone of the black hat SEO and white hat SEO when some time website removed by the search engine without having any reason of criteria been misused or not having unfollowed rules been broken or been penalized by the search engine.

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