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Best SEO training institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Are Your Searching for SEO training institute in Lucknow? A Best Seo Trainer That You Can Make A Career In Seo training institute in Lucknow.

For the best career in Online Marketing And In Digital Marketing Than You Are In Right Place to our Seo training institute in Lucknow.

We Guide You How To Become A Great Market Analysis In Search Engine Marketing (Sem)And Make It Visible In Search Engine Optimization.

Best SEO training institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Best SEO training institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh


SEO training institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

We are one of the best Seo training institutes in Lucknow which are growing market for educating a student and make them build their carrier in online marketing like SEO, SEM, pay per click PPC, Google Adwords, Advertising, B2B Marketing and Social Media.

We Have more than 6-year experience in training student for Digital Marketing and More than 3000 plus student have made their carrier in business analytic in our experienced teacher’s guidelines and making their Name and Fame in Digital marketing.

Recommended courses You Learn In Our Seo training institute in Lucknow with experienced teachers guidelines.

A short note about SEO:-

SEO is the process in which each keyword play an important role to optimize your website and enables it to rank high on a major search engine first-page result.

unique content and Architecture of the website are the two main factor to rank any website and make it visible to the search engine.

Seo is the most important part to the rank site with doing on page SEO and off page SEO .which help your website undergoes redevelopment and communicate your keyword effectively to search engine.

Type of SEO:-

White Hat SEO-White Hat SEO result is long lasting and centered around creating better content and serving and building a border base used to the relevant site performance and make it rank high on search engine.

Gray hat SEO-Normally is a middle bone of the black hat SEO and white hat SEO when some time website removed by the search engine without having any reason of criteria been misused or not having unfollow rules been broken or been penalized by the search engine.

Black Hat SEO-Black Hat SEO is the Process where website owner brings a visitor from the irrelevant method like a paid promotion or invalid click etc.

Black Hat SEO look after that content when sometimes website is disapproved by the search engine and some case not tolerated and are penalized and lose their ranking or completely removed by the search engine result.

A short note about On page Seo and Off-page Seo

Seo used to work on two different factor on page SEO and off page SEO to optimize the website and make it visible to search engine and make easy to a visitor to visit your webpage.

On – page SEO work on according to web page elements itself with the help of on-page SEO guideline and make it easy to optimize and maximize it on a search engine.

Off-page SEO purpose of optimizing a website using a different technique using website external elements which mostly include linking and make your webpage reputation to rank high on search engine.

• How a search engine works and how we rank websites and make it visible in SEO?

• About directories and search engine and how they differ from a search engine?

• What is the difference between search engine and directories?

• How search engine and Directories Work and why they are important?

• How to monitor your website performance on a Search engine?

• Use of FTP software’s like ‘Filezilla’ core FTP etc.

• Basic of HTML. Seo training institute in Lucknow

• Website optimization with HTML.

• Digital Marketing.

• Affiliate Marketing.

• On page Seo.

• Site Analysis.

 On page SEO

• Initial Site Analysis

• Importance of Domain names and Value

• Domain Selection

• Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization

• Advanced Keyword Research

• Keyword Analysis

• Keyword Planning

• Keyword Application on Website

• Keyword Competition Review

• How to do SEO for Dynamic CMS like Joomla WordPress Drupal etc

• Site Structure Analysis

• Title and Meta Tag Development

• H1, H2, H3 tags

• Anchor Text

• Header and Footer Links

• Image tag and its attributes

• HTML validation using W3C

• URL renaming/re-writing

• Content Development Check

• Existing Web Content Optimization

• Creation of XML/HTML/Text Sitemaps

• Submitting Sites to Google and yahoo Webmasters

• Canonical/404 Implementation

• Robots.txt Creation

• Internal Link Strategy

• Google SEO Guideline


• Introduction to off-Page Optimization

• Link Building and Link Exchange strategies

• Google Page Rank

• Directory Submission

• Search Engine Submission

• Social Bookmarking

• Article Distribution

• Press Release Distribution

• Google Map Submission

• Viral Marketing

• E-mail Marketing

• Geo Listing and Local Listing includes Classified

• Local and Regional Search Engine Indexing

• RSS feeds Submission

• Video Submissions

• Blog Creation, Weekly Posting, and Blog Promotion

• Forum Posting

SMO (SOCIAL MEDIA OPTIMIZATION): Seo training institute in Lucknow

• How to optimize Social media and use it in favor of your Brand Building

• How to do promotion on Social Networking Sites like:

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Linking and Many more

• How to do Promotion of your Sites using

• Multiple Sharing Options:

• Yahoo Buzz

• Digg

• Stumble upon and Many more


• PPC Campain Management

• Google Adsense.

• Google Adwords (pay per Click )

• Google keywords Selection Tool.

• Google Web Analytic

• Google webmaster tool

• Ranking Report

• Keywords Ranking Report• Website & Competitor Analysis

• Website Content & Architecture Analysis.

• Keywords Research & Analysis

• Creating Effective Title.

• How to write SEO Friendly Content.

Seo training institute in Lucknow is known for it believe that student keeps on our institute Seo training institute in Lucknow .that why we are best to train a student with relevant and honesty.

Why should you learn About Seo?

Seo is a most valuable place where you can make a future carrier in Seo (search engine optimization and increase your or your consumer business growth.

Being an expert in SEO make you have a huge opportunity to increase your business, company product or services etc growth in Digital Marketing.

The Internet is a most relevant and popular place for displaying ads that’s why most of the expert are growing their dream in Search Engine Optimization and making their dream for working for own self or giving their services for the company, business, and industry etc.

Search engine optimization( SEO) expert are growing their demand in the digital market and today small and large businessman need is to hire an SEO expert to increase their growth and value in Digital Marketing.

Eligibility to do SEO training:-

High school or any diploma or degree holder

Fresher’s Student

Marketing or sales professionals

Small business Owner and entrepreneur

Any graduate and postgraduate

Why is Seo training institute in Lucknow best institute in Uttar Pradesh?

We are one of the leading Seo training institutes in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh and we offer job training program that you get placement in digital marketing and make your future bright in Search engine Optimization(SEO) and Advertising field in Digital market.

Our trainer of SEO search engine optimization trained you and built a confidence in you that you can easily get a suitable job in the industry of digital marketing.

Our institute will teach you how to Generate leads for company or industry and bring them to the top level to increase their business and get a positive response or return on investment for your company or industry.

Advanced SEO Training Institute in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Receive online marketing training in Lucknow from top-rated best social media coaching provider LIIM.

We focus on providing you professional google internet search engine optimization course lessons. SEO web coaching program for all social media managers, executives, and entry-level employees.

SEO lessons internet helps to improve your search ranking for business websites, CMS blogs like WordPress, Joomla!, corporate websites, Linkedin profile, Drupal much more.

SEO training classes and the internet marketing techniques which all search marketer requires so as to create the visibility over Google and increase site traffic. It is the ability to carry SEO course content, it is a very vital skill in today’s market.

• LIIM offers Learning and hands-on training with many exercises. We have designed dedicated google courses on google marketing strategies, social media monitoring, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

• Google search is very common among people of any level business (small, medium, huge) in case they are ready to buy online.

• You must undergo the internet Search Engine Optimization course classes which will make it easy for customers so as to find you easily in the online google search.

• If you have the desire to get the top position in Google’s search results which has made search engine optimization a popular and a brilliant choice.

• Paid marketing field is growing at a rapid pace so there is the number of attractive job options for anyone to everyone.

• Our SEO institution in Lucknow is established and designed so as to provide the top best SEO classes for today’s career-conscious.

• Our SEO school, you will be trained in such a way by our experienced tutors and professionals who will give you lectures as per the latest Google updates.

• We do not give training based on bookish knowledge, instead, our idea is to make all the students practice and technically much stronger.

• It is one of the reasons why we are known and considered as the top best-advanced internet marketing coaches in Gomtinagar, Shanti Puram, in Lucknow Uttar Pradesh.

• My trainers provide you with quick and easy access to high-end learning content and it would cover all the important aspects of the Online Marketing field.

• You being our student will get coaching through my expert professional marketers.

• All the teachers have more than ten years of experience in this field of paid marketing.

• It is a good opportunity to work and perform over live projects with the entire utilization of real-time advertising resources.

Why should you choose us..? For SEO Training tutorials?

• Well, you are half way ahead because you have already landed on this page.

• It is just because of our designed efficient web Marketing Techniques.
• We are a Google Adwords certified Company.

• Our training is based on the current guidelines of Google.

• We give study material, case studies, work on LIVE projects and many things which are important to you.

• We also provide Adsense specific classes and also Bidding lectures from the first bid to project completion.

• Our team also Mentors to establish own web resource within the course.


• We Nurture the skills and talents which already exist in you and get the right corporate exposure.

• Attain a great practical knowledge and understanding with hands-on training

• You get a chance to Learn from experienced professionals

• We make you stay focused and remain updated about Google algorithms.

• Keep informing you about the latest web versions.

• Recieve a valid certification which is well recognized in the industry and agency.

• Guidelines and support so as to improve your communication skills

• Giving Counseling help for the campus to do corporate transition

• Coaching lectures according to the top best standard working modules.

• Development must be made by detailed assignments

• My team provide depth theoretical classes

• Comprehensive lesson programs are delivered.

Google Adwords training in lucknow

Best Google Adwords training in Lucknow

Are you willing to be a specialist of Google Adword of PPC or want to be an expert in Search engine Marketing than our institute is an ideal institute where you can achieve your dream with the help of our institute inexperienced teacher guideline Google Adwords training in Lucknow?

Know days people are increasing in online internet marketing to grow their business in local search or all over the world.

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